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Upgrade a Premier multi-currency company file

AccountRight Premier 2018.4 and later,

We've put together all you need to know about upgrading your multi-currency company file from AccountRight v19 (or earlier) to the new AccountRight. If you're after information about upgrading an AccountRight Premier company file which doesn't use multi-currency, see Upgrade to the new AccountRight.

Some things to note

Some files can't be upgraded

If your company file has any of the following transactions, it can't be upgraded (yet):

  • Foreign transactions using the Professional, Time Billing or Miscellaneous layouts (only Item and Service layouts are currently supported).

  • Foreign currency accounts other than trade creditors, trade debtors, bank and credit card accounts

  • Foreign transactions with consolidated tax codes

  • Foreign transactions with the Luxury Car Tax code

If you haven't used multi-currency for a while but you have transactions like these from previous financial years, complete the pre-upgrade tasks below. This might remove those transactions to allow the upgrade.AccountRight v19 online help has information on how to find transactions.

Can't upgrade? We'll work with you to get the file upgraded. Contact product support.

Learn about the new AccountRight

Before you upgrade, learn about the new features in the latest version.

Upgrade AccountRight

Upgrading is generally pretty easy. Just make sure you're using the latest AccountRight version, find your company file and start the upgrade—we'll do the rest.Here's a quick overview:

1. Download and install AccountRight

Use Google Chrome to download the file ( download Chrome here ). We've seen cases where other browsers, like Internet Explorer, can affect the file extension of downloaded files.  What browser am I currently using?

  1. Download the latest version (AccountRight subscription required). If you don't have an AccountRight subscription for an online company file, visit our MYOB website (Australia | New Zealand) to purchase one.

  2. Click the installer file you've saved to your computer to install the new AccountRight version. 

    Need help?If you need more information about installing AccountRight, see Install AccountRight.If things aren't going to plan, see Installation troubleshooting.

2. Complete pre-upgrade tasks

There's a couple of things you should do to prepare your company file for the upgrade. Purging, optimising and verifying your company file reduces the file size and ensures the upgrade is as smooth as possible.

3. Upgrade your company file

MYOB can take the hassle out of upgrading. By upgrading online, we'll do all the hard work and let you know when it's done. Upgrades usually take a couple of hours (depending on your company file size), and you can't make changes to your file during this time, so you should do it outside of business hours. 

  1. Start AccountRight (look for the new AR shortcut icon on your desktop or in the Start menu). The Welcome  window appears.

    upgrade welcome window

  2. Click Upgrade a company file. The Upgrade Assistant appears.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Click Browse and select the file you want to upgrade.

    upgrade assistant browse

    Where's my file?

    Try looking in your AccountRight v19 installation folder, like C:\Premier19 or C:\PremierClassic. Look for a file with a .myo or .prm extension (like MyCompanyFile.myo). If you can only find a .MYOX file, it means it's already upgraded. Learn how to  open a company file .

    Still having trouble? Get help  finding your company file .

  5. If the file you're upgrading is password-protected, type in the password and click Continue.

  6. Sign in to AccountRight with your MYOB account details and then click Upload.

  7. Once your file has uploaded, you can close AccountRight while we do the rest. We'll email you when the upgrade's complete, or if we come across any issues along the way.

For information on how to open your company file in the new AccountRight, see Open a company file.

4. Complete post-upgrade tasks

After your company file has been upgraded, there may be a few more things you need to do. Don’t stress though, you only need to do them once.

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