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Retained AccountRight versions

In an AccountRight network, you'll need:

  • AccountRight Server Edition installed on your server

  • AccountRight PC Edition installed on your workstations, and

  • the same AccountRight version, such as 2021.5, on both the server and the workstations.

AccountRight updates are installed automatically on the PC Edition, but need to be installed manually on the Server Edition. This means after an automatic update, your workstations will be using a newer AccountRight version until you manually update the server to the latest Server Edition version.

Automatic updates are here for AccountRight Server Edition! Once you install AccountRight Server Edition 2022.4 or later, you won't need to manually update your network any more. Until then, to overcome any version mismatches the AccountRight PC Edition retains two previous AccountRight versions. This means you can keep using AccountRight before finding a suitable time to update the server. Learn about updating an AccountRight network.


The AccountRight PC Edition on your workstations is automatically updated to 2021.6. Versions 2021.5 and 2021.4 will be retained, and version 2021.3 will be uninstalled.Your server will still be using AccountRight Server Edition 2021.5 until you can update it.When you access your company file from a workstation, you'll be prompted to open it in AccountRight 2021.5. As this version has been retained on the workstation, you'll be able to work on the file.You then find a suitable time to install the latest AccountRight Server Edition on your server.

If a version can't be retained

After an automatic update, you'll be notified if a previous version couldn't be retained.

Message advising version couldn't be retained

This might be due to insufficient disk space or an access permission issue in the location where previous versions are retained. Just make sure your server is kept up to date with the latest AccountRight Server Edition so you won't be relying on retained versions.

Where are previous versions retained?

Previous versions are retained on the computer's C drive, under the user's Windows (e.g. John.Smith):


You can access this location using file explorer, which you can open by simultaneously pressing the Windows  and E keys on your keyboard.

Previous AccountRight versions highlighted