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Getting the latest version

The latest AccountRight version is 2024.1 which was released in February 2024. What's new in the latest version?

All AccountRight updates are installed automatically, but you must restart AccountRight to complete the update.

Seeing this message?

If you see this message (even after restarting AccountRight), there's something that's stopping the auto-update, like a firewall or anti-virus software. Instead, you'll need to manually install the update.

Example message about AccountRight needs updating

Or this message?

MicrosoftTeams-image (8)

To open an online company file, you must be using the latest AccountRight version.

The above message means there's a new AccountRight version waiting for you to install. Just click Update now to restart AccountRight to complete the installation. You can then open online company files in the latest version.

Or, click Update Later to open a different (offline) company file.

Manually installing the latest version of AccountRight

To install the latest version of the AccountRight PC Edition or Server Edition, follow these instructions. If you're installing for the first time, find out which edition you should install. If you're updating, find out which edition you're currently using.

To update using the MSI installer

If you need to deploy AccountRight using a group policy, you'll need to administer AccountRight using the MSI installer. For all the details see the AccountRight MSI installation instructions.

To download the AccountRight MSI installer, visit our downloads page.

Need a helping hand?

Try our Installation troubleshooting guide, or contact us and we'll be happy to help.