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Set up Pay Super

Set up Pay Super to make super payments directly from MYOB, meet your employee super obligations in a flash and always stay on top of government changes, including SuperStream.

It's included with your MYOB subscription and you can manage your cash flow by making superannuation payments as often as you like.

You can pay standard funds as well as self-managed funds. Check out the list of standard funds you can pay.

If you currently pay super through another method, such as a clearing house, we recommend that you finish processing any super payments before setting up Pay Super.

Setting up super - take a look

How Pay Super works

1. Get set up

2. Process your pays

3. Make a super payment

Sign up for Pay Super and tell us which bank account you want to make super payments from. We'll get you to verify the account so we know it’s really you.

Finally, you'll need to check that your fund and employee details are complete and correct.

Process your pays as usual.

Superannuation will be calculated and tracked for you automatically when you record employee pays.

When you're ready to make a payment to your employees' funds, you just select the contribution amounts to pay, authorise the payment, and you're done!

Things to know before you sign up

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    Only the business owner (or one of the company directors) who is also a signatory to the business bank account may complete the signup process to get started with Pay Super.

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    Have your bank account details handy. You’ll need to enter the account that payments will be made from. You’ll also need to verify your bank account later.

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    Anyone who will create or authorise super payments needs to have already accepted an invitation to access your MYOB file. If someone needs to be invited, learn how to do it.

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    You need an MYOB subscription to sign up for Pay Super.

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    Read the MYOB Pay Super Service Product Disclosure Statement, available on our MYOB Legal Notices page.

Setting up Pay Super

OK, let's get started:

Step 3. Finish setting up MYOB

All that's left to do before you can start making super payments from MYOB is to check that you have all the required information in MYOB for your employees and their super funds.

What's next?

That's it—you're ready to start paying super!