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Include employee timesheets in a pay run

AccountRight Plus and Premier only     

If you record employee hours on timesheets, the Pay Period step of the Process Payroll Assistant (Payroll command centre > Process Payroll) lists employee timesheets for the specified pay period. If you've set up MYOB Team, approved timesheets will be available to include in your employees' pays.

Note that this option is only available if you have selected the timesheets preference.

Initially, all timesheets are selected to be included in the pay period.

If you want to...

You need to...

Exclude a timesheet

click in the select column (  ) to deselect it in the list.

Change the timesheet details of an employee

click the zoom arrow (  ) next to the employee’s name and make the required changes in the Enter Timesheets window.

View the details of unprocessed timesheets

click Display Unprocessed Timesheets.

Click Next to continue on to the Employee pays step of the Process Payroll Assistant.