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Review standard pay details

AccountRight Plus and Premier only.

After entering an employee’s payroll details, you should review their standard pay. This is the list of payroll categories (like wage and salary amounts, deductions, taxes and leave entitlements) that apply to the employee.

To see an employee’s standard pay, go to the Card File command centre > Cards List, open an employee card > Payroll Details tab > Standard Pay.

Here’s an example:

Example standard pay details

To review the standard pay

  • Review the employee’s payroll details: The standard pay takes into account payroll details you've entered in their card, such as hours in a work week, their base pay, superannuation settings and PAYG tax scale. Click through the tabs on the left of the Payroll Details tab to review all the details.

  • Add or remove payroll categories: While you’re viewing the employee’s card, you can add or remove a category by viewing the relevant tab of the Payroll Details tab. So if you want to add or remove a wage category, click the Wages tab on the left and then click the checkbox of the category you want to add or remove.

    Example standard pay with wage category highlighted

    You can add a payroll category while recording a pay for the employee. Click Add Payroll Category in the Pay Employee window, select the category you want to add, and then select the Save changes for future pay runs option to save the category in the employee’s standard pay.

    Add payroll category during payrun

  • Review category calculation settings: Some categories are automatically calculated when you do a pay run for the employee. You'll see <Calculated> in the Standard Pay window for these categories. The amounts will be calculated using the options set up in the payroll categories. Click the blue arrows to see how it will calculate.

    If you change details in a payroll category, the change will apply to all employees who have been linked to the category, not just the employee you are viewing. If an employee has different payroll conditions, you might need to set up an additional payroll category just for them.

  • Enter standard payroll hours and amounts: For categories that aren't automatically calculated, enter the amounts that will apply for all or most pays you record for the employee in the Hours or Amount column. You can changes these details when recording the pays.

    Note that if you will use timesheets to record hours worked, as well as personal and annual leave, any hours you enter in the standard pay will be added to the timesheet hours when you prepare the employee pays.

  • If you use Jobs, you can assign a default job against the applicable payroll category for an employee. If they're associated with multiple jobs, you can assign them during the pay run.

  • If you use Categories, you can assign a Default Category for the employee's pays.

  • Enter a default Memo to appear on the employee's pay slips. You'll need to add the Memo data field to your pay slip form to ensure the memo displays. You can override this memo when processing the employee's pay.

    Standard pay and pay slip with memo showing