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Payment summaries: Lodge the payment summaries

AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

If you're registered for Single Touch Payroll (STP), there's no need to prepare payment summaries so we've removed that option from the Payroll command centre. If an employee needs a copy of their income statement (payment summary), they can access these details through myGov. Visit the ATO for more information.

Stay compliant by using the latest AccountRight version, and see how we've simplifed your end of payroll year.

If you're registered for STP but you need to complete a payment summary (confirm with the ATO if you're not sure), you'll need to complete a manual payment summary for the employee using forms available from the ATO.

Payment summaries go to your employees, and the Payment Summary Annual Report (known as the EMPDUPE file) needs to be lodged with the ATO.

Assuming you've checked your payroll information in the Verify your Payroll Information step of the Payment Summary Assistant, you’re now ready to lodge the Payment Summary Annual Report with the ATO. The report is saved as a text file that’s known as the EMPDUPE file.

Click Save Payment Summary Report and select the location where you want to save the EMPDUPE file.

To submit your EMPDUPE file, use the ATO’s Business Portal website.

Log in to the Business Portal and then go to the Lodge file page (you'll see it in the menu), select Lodge > Browse and then find and select your EMPDUPE file in the window that appears.

To access the Business Portal you need to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers are not currently supported. To access the business portal, open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and enter the following address into the address bar:

After you've saved the EMPDUPE file, make a backup.

Payment summary lodgement FAQs