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ABN branch

An ABN Branch (also known as a GST Branch) is used if part of your business needs to account for GST separately from its parent entity.

Even if your business doesn't account for GST this way, if your business has an ABN you'll also have an ABN branch number. If you don't have multiple branches, your ABN branch number will typically be 1 or 2 – but check with the ATO if you're unsure.

Learn more about GST branch eligibility and registration

To enter your ABN branch in AccountRight

  1. Go to the Setup menu and choose Company Information. The Company Information window appears.

  2. Enter the A.B.N Branch. If you don't need to report on multiple branches enter 1 or 2 as your ABN branch number. If you're still not sure what your ABN branch number is, check with your accounting advisor or contact the ATO.

    Company Information window with ABN branch field highlighted
  3. Click OK.