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Setting up bank feeds

The bank feed application process starts in AccountRight. To apply, you need:

  • an MYOB subscription

  • to be the online owner (usually the person who set up your AccountRight subscription) or an online administrator

  • your MYOB account login details

  • the details of the bank or credit card account you're setting up for bank feeds

  • an internet connection (but your AccountRight company files does not need to be online)

How do I set up a bank feed?

Click your bank to get started, or choose Other if your bank isn't listed.

Which other banks are supported?

Bank feeds can be set up for accounts with many banks, credit unions, building societies, and fund managers, and we're always adding more. Check our current list of institutions you can set up bank feeds for.

If your bank isn't listed it means your bank doesn't currently support bank feeds. Instead you can quickly bring your bank transactions into AccountRight by importing bank and credit card statements.


Bank feed application FAQs

Where do I obtain the bank feed application form?


Start the application process through AccountRight, then if your bank allows it you'll be able to continue the application online.

Otherwise, you'll be prompted to print an application form, complete it and return it to us as instructed on the form.

Choose your bank above to get started.

What if I'm getting an error when setting up a bank feed?


If you're still getting an error (such as "Internal Error ID: 10009") or you're facing another equally annoying issue, contact us.

How do I reprint the bank feed authority form?


You can reprint the application form for a bank feed that you've applied for. If you need to apply for a new bank feed, repeat the steps above for applying for a bank feed.

  1. Start AccountRight.

  2. Go to the Setup menu > Manage Bank Accounts. The Manage Bank Accounts window appears.

  3. Click Add or remove a bank account. An internet browser window opens and the MYOB Sign In page appears.

  4. Sign in with your MYOB account email address and password.

  5. If you have multiple MYOB products or company files, select the applicable product and company file.

  6. Select an account and click Print authority form. The BankLink authority form and cover sheet appear.

  7. Print the form. Submission instructions are provided on the form.

Have you been requested to resubmit a bank feed application? Choose your bank and follow the steps above to apply for a bank feed.

How long will it take to process my application?


If your bank allows you to complete the application via your online banking site, you could be up and running within 24 hours, but usually within a few days (it depends on your bank).

If you've submitted an application form, allow up to 10 business days for your bank to process your request. We'll let you know when you're ready to go.

If you still haven't heard anything after ten business days, contact us.

What does it cost to use bank feeds?


Bank feeds are included with your AccountRight subscription, subject to the MYOB BankFeeds Fair Use Policy (Australia | New Zealand).

How do I check my bank feed application status?


For information about how to check the status of your bank feed application, see Manage bank feeds.

How do I cancel a bank feed?

  1. Log in to my.MYOB (Australia | New Zealand).

  2. Go to the My Products menu and choose My Products.

  3. Select the AccountRight product and serial number which has the bank feed to be cancelled.

  4. Click Bank Feeds.

  5. Choose the applicable company file. The bank feeds for that company file will be listed.

  6. Click Cancel in the Actions column of the bank feed you want to cancel.

  7. Click OK to the confirmation message.

    The bank feed will be cancelled immediately and the status will change to Cancelled. On the Manage Bank Feeds window in AccountRight, the status for this bank feed will also display as Cancelled.

If you need to set up a new bank feed for this bank or credit card account in a different AccountRight company file, contact us.

Can I set up a bank feed on my PayPal account?


Currently you can't set up a bank feed directly from a PayPal account. But there are a few ways PayPal payments can be managed. One way is to link your PayPal account to a bank or credit card account. If you have a bank feed set up for that bank or credit card account, then all transactions, including the PayPal ones, will show in that bank feed.

For more information about PayPal payment methods, see the PayPal website.