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Setting up recurring transactions

You can create a recurring transaction in a transaction window, or copy an existing recurring transaction to create a new one. Later on, you can change details of a recurring transaction, or delete one if it is no longer used.

Automatic recording

For online company files, recurring transactions scheduled to record automatically will be recorded between 6am and 11am (Melbourne time) on the due date, even if the file isn't open.

Recurring transaction schedule with automatic option selected

For offline company files, the recurring transaction will record automatically once the selected user signs into the company file, on or after the due date. The user you've specified will also receive a notification about it.

Keep on top of your recorded and upcoming recurring transactions by using the To Do List. We recommend turning on a preference to display the To Do List each time you open your company file (Setup menu > Preferences > Windows tab > Display the To Do List when opening your company file).