The MYOB DevelopHER program

21st June, 2016

The MYOB DevelopHER program has really struck a chord – we’ve had an overwhelming response!

The program aims to help promote diversity in the software industry by offering a 360hour paid internship program to develop women into software developers.

Here at MYOB, we’ve identified the need to create a program of this kind due to the limited number of female software developers in the Australian technology industry. While we recruit for qualified software engineers year-round, we tend to get few applications from women. In some recruitment campaigns, fewer than one in eight applicants for developer roles are female, and this is standard across the industry. We see this as a major barrier to creating and maintaining gender-balanced development teams to deliver solutions that reflect our diverse client base.

The DevelopHER initiative addresses a very real need – the need to bring more women into technology. The features and user experience of a software product generally reflect the thinking styles and design preferences of the people that build it. Ensuring there is gender balance within our design and development team allows for a more balanced conception of design and user experience, and ensures we are catering adequately to women, who comprise more than half of our valued client base.

We believe that the DevelopHER program, alongside our other diversity initiatives as part of the MYOB Perspectives program, is a small but important step to addressing the need for diversity within our business.

Expressions of interest

Over 170 women have registered their interest in the program so far. Interest has mainly come from women based in Melbourne where the program is being piloted, but there has also been interest nationally and internationally. This suggests the opportunity has really resonated with women who are attracted to working in the industry, and need the right avenues and support through which they can develop their skills and capabilities.

Not only have we had an overwhelmingly positive response from individuals, but also from other technology companies who have indicated their desire to play a part in the program, and have offered their support. Offers from industry partners are currently being considered, and MYOB will leverage these partnerships in order to make sure the program, and its participants, are a success.

Applications are now open

Applications for the MYOB DevelopHER program are now open. Applications close Sunday, 3 July 2016.

If you’re interested in taking part in the program, as a candidate or industry partner, please email the DevelopHER team.

The program will be launched in August 2016, depending on the preferred start dates of the successful applicants.

MYOB has taken utmost care to ensure that this program doesn’t contravene anti-discrimination legislation. The DevelopHER program qualifies as a ‘special measure’ under section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic). You can find out more about what qualifies as a special measure on the Human Rights Commission website: