MYOB launches program to promote diversity in tech

13th May, 2016

As an important player in the Australian Technology and Software industry, MYOB has an important role to play in promoting diversity of talent not only within our own organisation, but also across the broader software industry.

We believe that businesses need to be proactive in identifying non-traditional talent and invest in developing the skills that are in high demand. MYOB aims to be at the forefront of the women in IT movement.

Through our partnership with VIC Women in IT Network and involvement in other industry panels, think tanks and education events we invest in programs and initiatives we believe will have maximum impact on our industry, and our business.

To this end, MYOB is helping to promote diversity in the software industry by offering DevelopHER, a 360hour paid internship program to develop three women into Software Developers.

More about DevelopHER

DevelopHER is the brainchild of John Sullivan, MYOB’s Product Development Manager. He is passionate about increasing diversity within the software development industry, and also keeping software development roles within Australia.

MYOB generally recruits for open software engineering roles on a year-round basis. Few, if any, applicants for these roles are female. In recent recruitment rounds, fewer than one in eight applicants for developer roles were female. This has been a significant barrier to MYOB creating and maintaining a gender diverse EX team to deliver solutions that suit its diverse user demographic.

This initiative makes business sense because features and user experience of a software product generally reflect the cultural dimensions of the people that build it. The team members within MYOB’s EX division are predominantly male. As a result, MYOB is building products which reflect a male’s conception of design and user experience, ignoring the preferences of more than half of the buying market.

The end goal of the DevelopHER program is to improve the gender diversity within our Engineering division.

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Where will the program take place?

The DevelopHER program will be based in our Innovation Hub in Richmond, Victoria.

When does the DevelopHER program launch?

We are seeking expressions of interest now.

We will follow up in the coming weeks with information regarding the structure of the program and the application process. We anticipate that this program will commence in July but due to the nature of the applicants we are after, timing will depend on the personal circumstances of our three successful applicants.

Flexible working arrangements for the participants of this program are not essential, but encouraged.

To register your interest and hear more about the program, email your contact details to