The business of relationships


Personal relationships are very much like business relationships in that you need to keep investing in them to get great returns.

I am lucky to be in a great relationship – although as one friend tells me, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Believe me, to meet my guy, I worked really hard – I literally built a whole business around it!

Some of you will know my story – I set up a social experiment to find myself a boyfriend. I organised for a bunch of single men and women to meet while cooking for hungry and homeless people. Word spread, I started running regular events and six months later met a great guy.

I still run events for singles to meet while making a difference and have been happily partnered for nearly three years.

Once I found a great partner, I noticed major improvements to my working life too.

I’m constantly meeting people who want to meet someone and that their main focus is no longer on their job – it’s on finding a life partner. Additionally, I hear reports of employees losing focus on their jobs when they are in bad relationships.
To help people shift their focus, I’ve enlisted the help of two US relationship experts to teach people how to build deep and connected business and personal relationships at special seminars in Melbourne and Sydney this week – Understanding The Attraction Switches: How To Find And Keep The Right Partner.
Jeff Slayter and Kane Minkus, known internationally as Jeff and Kane, have helped educate more than 100,000 people worldwide about building great relationships.

Kane says personal relationships can have a big impact on people’s workplace performance. He had one CEO client who had not been intimate with his wife for seven years. Not only was the relationship suffering, but so was his business.

When he was able to reconnect with his partner, his home life improved and so did his work life. He became more confident in his leadership abilities and turned his business around.

There is a lot to be gained by having great relationships in your life. I’m living proof – not only did I find a great guy, but I got a great business from my search!

Is being in a bad relationship or worrying about being single having a negative impact on the work life of you or anyone you know?

  • Isn’t it funny that if you’ve got things sorted on the ‘home’ front, everything else just seems to manage itself?

    Melina, I used to work with a girl who, upon entering her mid thirties, begun to get just that little more eager (for want of a better word!) to settle down, get married and pump out the babies. Trouble was, she was the eternal single girl. She was one of those people who went from first date to relationship in about 4 days. And turned on the drama when the feelings weren’t reciprocated.
    Everytime she’d date someone, we’d all hold our breath, waiting for the fall out and the inevitable string of ‘sick’ days that would follow, as she’d sit at home and wallow in self pity. (harsh, yes, but true!). Once she even got so drunk (by herself, on red wine, a la Bridget Jones), she fell over, bashed her face on the ground and had to take the next four days off work. True story.

  • That’s not a story with a happy ending Emma! I am really excited about these events this week – we’ve been contacted by so many singles who would rather not be.

    We’ve had a few liken themselves to Bridget Jones – and we are hoping they get a very happy ending by picking up some great tips and hints to help them find someone great.

    It’s not that easy to meet people these days and I think people need all the pointers they can get to give them what it takes to stand out and be noticed.

    I know that when everything is running smoothly at home, everything also runs far more easily at work.

    Right now my world is full of smiles and I am looking forward to some more happy stories from others!

    • Well, the end of the story is that she is, by all reports, in a happy relationship now!

      I have to admit, that’s one of the reasons why I love what you do! It’s all about getting singles together for a bit of fun and giving something back…rather than the traditional ‘date’, with all the attached expectations. Which always seems to work better, anyway! We all have a story of furiously dating, to no avail, and then when we decide to concentrate on our work/hobby/family/study lives…bam. Here comes Mr (or Mrs!) Right!

      While I’m happy either way, I do have to admit, it’s wonderful to have someone (other than my cat!) that will listen to my gripes and ‘you’ll NEVER believe what happened to me’ stories when I get home!

      Good luck with your events this week! Perhaps a follow up story next Monday? :)