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20th July, 2023

Boost team management with MYOB and Deputy

You’ve got the accounting side of your business under control, but how about the rostering and team management side?

We all know staff issues can quickly become a nightmare for managers. Conflicting schedules and last-minute leave requests are common headaches, and changing labour laws are hard to keep on top of.

Deputy’s integration with MYOB takes the pain out of team management issues.

Workforce management software for rostering

Meet Deputy

Deputy is the ultimate rostering and team management solution, which allows you to save hours on scheduling staff.

Trusted by more than 330,000 workplaces, Deputy gives managers the ability to roster the right people at the right times in accordance with modern awards.

If someone is sick, managers can find a replacement with the simple click of a button, with Deputy matching up employees of similar skills and salary.

Staff also have the flexibility to swap shifts easily with suitable teammates.

Offering easy integration with a raft of MYOB products, Deputy allows you to spend less time on paperwork and more time with customers and your team.

Integrating Deputy with your accounting software, MYOB has many benefits, including:

Easy syncing

You can sync your existing employee details from MYOB straight into Deputy for a quick and easy start for new hires.

Save time on timesheets

Export timesheets from Deputy and import them straight into MYOB to process accurate payroll.

Ensure compliance across the board

Deputy calculates overtime, penalty rates, loadings, and salary costing with every shift, ensuring peace of mind that you’re correctly paying staff.

Track and manage leave

Requests for leave can be synced from Deputy to MYOB, allowing you to track employee sick leave and unpaid leave and view leave balances straight away.

MYOB and Deputy integration

Team management made easier

Deputy is super user-friendly, giving managers the ability to easily create, change or publish rosters on the go. That can be a real benefit if you are managing multiple locations.  

You can instantly share hours with your team via the app, giving staff more power to manage leave and unavailability.

Digital timesheets are created when staff clock on and off, making manual spreadsheets a thing of the past.

But that’s not all.

Facial recognition technology eliminates time theft, with Deputy Kiosk’s face detection software ensuring the right person is clocked on for the right shift.

It’s also equipped with geolocation technology, so employees can’t log on to a shift on their phone or iPad without being close to the business.

office staff

Timely communication

Taking team management that step further, Deputy’s Newsfeed keeps staff informed and engaged via a central platform for communication.

You can post directly to any team member or group, comment on posts, upload media, and create polls.

Clear and timely communication is provided to all staff, helping you keep a smooth workflow.

Similarly, managers can use Deputy to track performance management. You can keep a clear record of employee performance over time with journal entries and notes.

With employee feedback critical, this can help identify top performers while also giving insight into staff that may need support.

You can also receive valuable team feedback after every shift and take action which can boost staff engagement levels and morale.

Download Deputy’s complete digital rostering guide

Simple integrations lead to valuable time savings

We understand team management admin can be time-consuming and stressful.

Integrating your existing systems like payroll, accounting, POS and HR can save you valuable time, reduce errors and provide the insights you need in one place.

Start a free trial today to unlock the benefits of Deputy’s integration with MYOB.

A version of this article first appeared on Deputy’s website