Five Useful Social Media Apps

7th September, 2011

Over the last few years I’ve booked marked 100’s of apps and tools that display or play with Twitter and Facebook data in interesting and sometimes useful ways. You can check out the full list here

So this week I though I’d share five cool apps that I use on a regular basis.


Visible Tweets

I use Visible Tweets and events, conferences and at workshops. I’ve even seen company offices with screens in reception using this app to display tweets mentioning them. There are a very variations you can customise but it’s pretty much the best app I’ve found for showing off tweets in an engaging format.

Timely is quite useful. I’m not sure if it’s tracking login data or when people following you are posting tweets themselves but it’s pretty good at working out when the best time is for you to be posting your tweets. Twitter is noisy enough as it is so making sure your most important tweets are going out the right time could make all the difference to your click through rates and engagement results. is a super powerful tool to help you share your content across multiple platforms. You can customise each route, add hashtags, integrates with and has great analytics. If your businesses is growing in your social media use understanding your audience and their behaviour is vital. Knowing how to word your posts, what format works best and when can make a huge difference to your campaign. You might think tracking each link is time consuming but the knowledge you can receive from good analytics will save you hours in the long run.



Crowdbooster is a nice analytics app that helps you find your most influential followers, who’s retweeting you the most and basic tweet performance stats. Many analytics apps I see are overly complicated but Crowdbooster has interesting insights in great design.



Lists are powerful, and still very much under rated by many. When it comes to using social networks to help grow your business and grow your audience there is no better way that to search out lists of people likely to be engaging ‘on-topic’. By On-Topic I mean interested in the same industry, technology or interest as you or your business. There is a far greater likelihood that they will engage and follow back on Twitter. They could be a great source of content, they could even be a brand ambassador, an influencer you get get onside.

Lists are also great for SEO so make sure all your lists are listed with Listorious, especially the ones people have add you to.

So there you go, 5 social media apps that I find useful.

What apps do you find most helpful in your social media day?


Justin Flitter | Social Media Consultant –