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Top 5 reasons to attend MYOB INCITE

It’s clear to me that my Christmas excitement levels are inversely proportionate to my age. In other words, the older I get, the less motivated I am to leap out of bed before sun-up to open my gift-wrapped socks. …

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6 ways to start getting comfy with technology

I call myself a reluctant technology enthusiast. Using technology doesn’t come naturally to me, and I know I am not alone. I also know that as a business owner, if I don’t embrace technology, I will get left behind and lose my edge.

Today, technology plays

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On the Road; MYOB Roadshow Diaries Week 3

MYOB AccountRight Product Manager Dale Dixon is on the road in Australia and New Zealand, presenting to 8,000-plus accounting and bookkeeping partners. In his down time, he’s blogging about the experience with observations from each event, questions from attendees, and tales from road. If you

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Sunshine on a cloudy day

There are few topics in the accounting industry so debated, divisive, or downright confusing as the cloud.

It’s a subject that has precipitated such a flood of buzzwords and jargon that at times, the cloud has felt more like a fog. Luckily, there are people out

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