Call the authorities

13th September, 2011


I am in the process of launching 2 businesses both built around ‘unlocking potential’, but to very different markets.  My executive coaching, consulting and training business and my private hypnotherapy practice are both at the starting line.  As such, I have been pondering the age old question:  ‘How do you turn prospects into customers to start growing these businesses?’

Prospects often look at new players entering a market and feel uncertain.  Why should they take the risk of trying something new?  Uncertainty drives prospects to ‘follow the herd’ and buy in established firms, making it hard for a new entrant (into the Australian market) to get underway.

I was recently reminded of one of the ways of overcoming this uncertainty.  I was speaking to a plumber who spent many years with a single van and one apprentice.  One day he was a guest on a radio program to discuss ‘plumbing issues’ and his phone rang off the hook.  He knew he was onto something – Putting media presence into his strategy he built celebrity and authority in his field.  He credits this with kicking his business to the next level – which now has more than 20 vans on the road.

Prospects are heavily influenced by authority (and celebrity!).  So my marketing strategies for both businesses are similar at a macro level: Get known in the Australian market, build powerful networks here and create an authority position in my field. Then my prospects can ‘call the authority’ and become my clients!

But how do I build authority?  Blogs? PR? Public speaking? Write a book?  Each option has its pros and cons.

So as I ponder the question of how I become ‘king of my jungle’, what is your experience?

Was becoming an authority an important part of your launch or growth strategy?

How did you go about becoming the authority in your field?

Are you a celebrity?

I am ‘calling the authorities’ here for your side of the story!


Philip Owens | Leadership and Influence Coach – Resourced Leaders