Pam Madytianos

Pam Madytianos

Director, 2 Peas Pty Ltd

Pam Madytianos is the co-founder of Australia’s leader in business process and information systems, 2 Peas Pty Ltd, which is an award-winning MYOB consultancy firm providing accounting, system selection and customisation of a full suite of apps. A cloud systems advisor, business software engineer and change advocate.
Pam is also director of Australia’s leading quality bookkeeping service, Bookkeepers4U, which is designed to ensure businesses have accurate and up-to-date information so their accountants are better able to offer well-founded advice without the problems.

An industry trailblazer in finding and installing helpful online apps to accounting systems that enhance business intelligence. An innovator always willing to trial new software and work with industry leaders to refine new products.

Pam is a leader amongst peers across Australia in revolutionising bookkeeping and business software consulting.

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