Accurate inventory management
in Wholesale and Distribution

Predict customer demand and analyse your
real-time data with precise ERP reports


The best ways wholesale & distribution ERP software can benefit your business


Accurate reporting with real-time data

A clearer idea of your inventory is not only accurate for your business, but also for your customers. Data accuracy speeds up your decisions and helps you see where you make the most profit. Site-traffic, sales-by-region and more real-time data tracking ensures that you can accurately forecast demand across every area of your operation with ERP software.


Live inventory means intelligent business

Deliver better productivity with intelligent systems to ensure your processes don't get stretched beyond capacity. Stop over or under-stocking as estimates become exact with your cost-effective ERP solution. Plan for shortages before they happen and with intelligent inventory, keep costs at a minimum and correctly plan for growth.


Automate to save valuable time

Take the guesswork out of purchasing and cut down on tedious admin when your inventory process is automated by ERP software. Human-based procedures are subject to errors and delays but implementing automated processes to cover manual tasks can handle swings in demand, reduce incorrect stock levels and shorten your delivery cycle.


Stay ahead, not behind

Finding the gaps in your current system is a huge benefit of an ERP solution. Processes which aren't connected and overlaps in data can impact efficiency and hold back your true business potential. Identifying and solving these problem areas increases revenue, creates loyal customers and allows you to make better decisions for a clearer, brighter future.


Integrated, automated marketing

Combine and integrate your marketing activities, billing, and financial data in one place to help you determine the response and profitability of your marketing campaigns. Keep track of your campaigns and their revenue and costs with specific lists and criteria from your prospects, leads, contacts and customers.


Self-service portal

Available 24/7, the self-service portal integrated into your ERP software leapfrogs the need for phone or email support and saves time. Customers can update their details, browse inventory, track order shipments and view payment due dates while you create a targeted support base with FAQs that are relevant to both you and your clients.


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Powerful, flexible on-premise ERP and HRM Solutions

MYOB Advanced

Customisable, cloud-based business management platform.

MYOB Greentree

Make managing a complex business simpler with this powerful and intuitive ERP.


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