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  • Easy online accounting with the freedom and flexibility to manage your business anytime, anywhere from your PC, Mac or tablet
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  • Intergrated payroll for one, or upgrade to pay unlimited employees
  • Automatic updates delivered straight to your software
  • Peace of mind from secure online back up and MYOB’s unrivalled phone and online support
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"MYOB Essentials is the best cloud accounting for most small business. It’s cost effective and easy to use."
Graeme Beardsley GAB Chartered Accountants Limited

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MYOB Conversion Services Terms of Use

*You’ll need a valid MYOB Essentials subscription to use this service.

Frequently asked questions

Migration and conversion services

Who can use this service? Toggle Section

This service is available to anyone who wants to convert their existing MYOB AccountRight or MYOB AccountEdge file to MYOB Essentials. Client must have an active subscription on the destination MYOB product before raising the migration request.

What MYOB products can be converted? Toggle Section

MYOB AccountEdge and MYOB AccountRight desktop users can utilise the MYOB Conversions to move their business online with MYOB Essentials.

Who works with my file? Toggle Section

Employees of MYOB Technology Pty Ltd, based in Australia and New Zealand, will be working with your data to convert it to the latest MYOB online product. All work will be undertaken by staff members of MYOB.

Is there a limit to the number of files that I can move? Toggle Section

There are no limits to the number of files you want to move online through the service, however an MYOB online subscription on the destination product is required for each file that is moved. Each file will need a separate migration request on the website.

What is the fee for using this service? Toggle Section

The service is free with your MYOB online subscription. Terms and conditions apply.

Do I have to do anything to prepare my file? Toggle Section

You do not need to do anything specific to prepare your file, but it is best practice to reconcile your accounts and ensure that your data is up to date.

We strongly suggest that you take a backup of your datafile as we would at any time of the year as a normal course of business. However, when you create the backup, do not enter a zip password as our team will not be able to overwrite it.

What gets brought across in the conversion? Toggle Section

If you are converting to MYOB Essentials, your contacts, accounts, open sales and purchases and items list will be brought across. 

Other transactions such as closed sales/purchases, banking transactions and payroll transactions will be brought across as general journal entries.

If you’re moving from an older version of AccountRight Classic (v19) to AccountRight Live (v2020 and above), all information in your company file will be transferred, you’ll just need to move your forms across after upgrade.

How much history is converted? Toggle Section

As part of the migration service, we will bring across the prior financial year and current financial year to date, unless the previous financial year has been purged in the backup we have received.

What if I need to review previous years’ data? Toggle Section

To view transactions prior to the period we have converted, you can restore backups in your previous MYOB software.

Will there be any changes to how my Chart of Accounts is structured? Toggle Section

There will be no change to how your chart of accounts are structured and we aim to keep everything as similar as possible to make the transition easy for you.

Will bank feeds be set up as part of the service? Toggle Section

There are a number of actions you should take once you receive access to your online accounting software from MYOB, such as setting up bank feeds. We will provide you an email of all the details to ensure you get the most out of your MYOB subscription.

What happens after I submit my file/how does the service work? Toggle Section

The service is a part automated / part manual service that sees us running a conversion tool and then doing some manual checks of data post conversion. We will then provide you login access to your new online accounting software. As MYOB is not a registered tax agent or BAS agent, we recommend inviting your accountant or professional advisor to check your data after upgrade.  

You are responsible for reviewing and approving your data to ensure its accuracy once the data conversion is complete. 

For specific tax or BAS advice please consult your accountant or tax practitioner.

How long does it take? Toggle Section

Our aim is provide you with your converted data within four (4) business days after you submit your file to MYOB Conversion Services. If an issue arises which impacts our ability to convert your file in this timeframe, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know.

Does this service support Australian and New Zealand files? Toggle Section

Yes, this service supports clients in Australia and New Zealand.

What if I find an issue with my data when I get my new software? Toggle Section

If you or your advisor finds an issue with your data immediately after conversion, please do not enter any data into your converted file. Instead, reply to the completion email you receive. Ensure the INC request number is included in the subject line when replying. And provide examples or screenshots of the issue for us to assist you as soon as possible.

Online Support: Online Help Community Forum Live Chat

Business: 1300 555 123 (Australia) or 0508 32 82 83 (New Zealand)  

Partner: 1300 555 117 (Australia) or 0800 69 62 27 (New Zealand) 

Can I still work with my file in the current software after I’ve provided it to you? Toggle Section

If you enter any additional information into the old software after we received your backup, it will not be included in the new software after conversion. Any information you enter will have to be re-entered into the new software.

We recommend that you plan to send your data to us at a quieter time for your business.

Can I enter information into my MYOB Essentials while waiting? Toggle Section

No. Please do not enter any data into your MYOB Essentials file before and during the migration, or it could cause data discrepancies. Once you receive our completion email you can begin to use your new software.