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Setting up tax notice email and Portal task options

The MYOB Practice Administrator can edit the default email and Portal task text that’s used each time that your practice sends tax notices to your clients. The Administrator can also edit the logo and the footer that is included with the email or task.

The Administrator can also set a CC email address. When sending a tax notice by email rather than by Portal task, this lets your practice receive a copy of the tax notice email when it's sent to clients.

If you're sending an individual tax notice rather than multiple tax notices in bulk, you can also edit the text once-off when you click Send to client from the Tax notices page.

You may also want to set up folders in Microsoft Outlook with rules to divert the email to that folder.

The Administrator role was assigned to one staff member when you migrated to MYOB Practice. The original Administrator may also have given other users the Administrator role.

You can tell if you're an Administrator by what you see when you click Settings (the black cog) on the left menu bar. Administrators will see the Staff menu option.

Staff menu option in the Access management menu section

If no one in your practice has an Administrator role, you need to contact us.