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Data reconciliation list

Data reconciliation lets you ensure your clients' tax data is accurate by checking and reconciling MYOB transactions against Inland Revenue (IR) transactions. You can see whether your client owes any money to Inland Revenue, has paid the money owing, or accrued any penalties or interest.

To view a list of available periods for all clients, select All clients on your sidebar and go to Compliance > Data reconciliation.

The all clients' Data reconciliation page lists all tax clients, their entity type, and:

  • Period – which year a transaction took place.

  • Last refreshed date – the date data was last received from IR

  • Alerts – if there are any unreconciled transactions. Hover your mouse over the alert icon to view more details.

Data reconciliation page's Client name, Entity type, Period, Last refreshed and Alerts displayed, with the cursor hovering over Alerts and a popup reading '3 unreconciled transactions'.

Once you’ve found the entry you’re looking for, click anywhere in the row to open the entry for the period displayed in the Period column.