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Work together with your clients

The portal in MYOB Practice is a secure online space to collaborate and interact with your clients.

  • Share documents with your client so they can comment on and approve the documents. (Digital signatures). These can be tax returns or activity statements that might need their approval.

  • Assign tasks to your client with instructions and they'll receive an email immediately for further action.

  • Add and restrict users who can have full access or just contributors.

Each client has their own portal in MYOB Practice and you can personalise the web address for each of your clients.

Start setting up portals

  1. If you're new to portal, set up your default portal options for your practice.

  2. Create client portals and select the users.

  3. Start collaborating with your clients.


The following examples will give you some ideas on how you can set up portals for different types of clients.

Helping your clients with portal

To help your clients understand and use the portal see Help for your clients or Watch this video.