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Partner Program certifications

The MYOB Partner Program offers certification through tailored education in MYOB Academy. These are available for free, exclusively for Partners in the program.  

Our certifications are designed to educate Partners of all levels and abilities. They keep you up to date with MYOB products and workflows so you can manage clients more efficiently, providing assurance that everyone who gets certified will have consistent MYOB knowledge and competency.

After completing a certification, you'll get a digital badge for your professional profile and points for your practice. The certification will last for a year before you need to renew your certification.

Most professional bodies consider the time spent on learning in MYOB Academy as a part of your unverifiable CPD quota. However, this can vary, so check with your professional body.

Available certifications


The following certifications are available in MYOB Academy.

Certification name

Points value

Completion time

Availability in MYOB Academy

MYOB Business


Approximately 5 hours

Australia and New Zealand

MYOB Business Payroll – AU


Approximately 1.5 hours

Australia only

MYOB Business Payroll – NZ


Approximately 2 hours

New Zealand only

MYOB Practice


Approximately 1.5 hours

Australia and New Zealand

Certification for individuals

Only one participating staff member needs to complete each certification to earn the maximum number of points for the practice. The certifications are built to support accountants and bookkeepers to have more confidence and skill to service business clients using MYOB software.

Certification for practices

To earn Certified Practice recognition, your practice needs to complete these three courses:

  • MYOB Business Certification

  • MYOB Business Payroll Certification

  • MYOB Practice Certification.

The three courses can be completed by one or more staff members. For example, three staff members can complete one certification course each.

You can download digital badges for completing certification. Learn how to download certification badges on the MYOB Partner Program help page.

Enrol in a Partner Program certification

  1. Log in to MYOB Academy.

  2. Click the Learning dashboard tab in the top navigation bar.

  3. To see certifications you haven't yet enrolled in, scroll down to the Accountant, Bookkeeper and Partner Certifications section.

  4. Click the tile of a certification you want to enrol in.

  5. Click Start learning to enrol and begin your learning.
    Once you've enrolled, the certification appears in My learning.

Renewing your certification


Your certification is valid for 12 months after you complete it. You need to complete your certification renewal before the expiry date to keep your:

  • Partner Program points and status tier

  • Credly badge.

If you don't renew the certification, the points and your Credly badge will expire.

We'll email you a reminder to renew your certification 60 days before it expires. For example, if you completed MYOB Business Certification on 1 February 2023, you’ll be prompted to renew this certification 60 days before 1 February 2024.

Check if you need to renew a certification

  1. Log in to MYOB Academy.

  2. Click the Learning dashboard tab in the top navigation bar.

  3. Under My Learning, select the Current toggle.

  4. If the status of the certification shows Renewal Due, you'll need to renew that certification before the displayed due date.

    You can also see your upcoming certifications that are due in Partner Hub.

Renew a certification

  1. Log in to MYOB Academy.

  2. Click the Learning dashboard tab in the top navigation bar.

  3. Under My Learning, select the Current toggle.

  4. Click Resume next to the certification to complete the certification renewal.

    You won't get an email from Credly with a new badge after you've completed the course. Your existing badge will be updated.

Completing a certification after it's expired

You can still complete your certification after it has expired in MYOB Academy. When you complete a renewal for a certification that has expired, you'll re-activate your Credly badge with a new expiry date and earn Partner Program points.


How do I access my completed certifications in MYOB Academy?


Go to your Learning Dashboard in MYOB Academy. Under My learning, select the Completed toggle to view the courses you've completed. If a certification has a Renewal Due status, you'll need to renew your certification to keep your badge and points.

When do I receive my points?


The points you earn for completing certifications are refreshed every week.

Why can't I see certifications on the Learning dashboard?

  1. Check that you're listed in my.myob as a user in a practice that’s in the Partner Program.

    • If you don't have access to my.myob, talk to your practice manager. 

    • If you need to set yourself up in the Partner Program:

    1. Check that you’re on the staff list

    2. Make sure you've got access to your client's files.


  2. Log in to MYOB Academy with the same user details as are in my.myob.

If you’re having trouble enrolling in or completing a Partner Program certification, get in touch with the MYOB Academy team:

  1. In the top navigation bar of MYOB Academy, click Help and select Contact Academy.

    MYOB Academy Learn dashboard with the Help options displayed and Contact Academy highlighted.

  2. Complete the contact form.

Why didn't I get the email about the new certifications?


This information is for Partners who joined before 29 November 2021.

In my.myob, you might not be subscribed to email updates for training. To make sure you receive emails about new certifications, update your communication preferences.