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Cancelling a client's MYOB Business or AccountRight file subscription

If you want to cancel a company file subscription that your practice is paying for, submit a support request through MYOB Practice. You'll get a confirmation email, and we'll get back to you with a response as soon as we can.

If your client is paying for the subscription, direct your client to the Cancelling your MYOB subscription help page.

For cancellation timings in relation to billing dates, see the AccountRight Terms of Use and MYOB Business Terms of Use.

If your practice is paying for the subscription, to cancel, you need to be the primary or billing contact of the account.

Cancel a company file subscription


Before you cancel a company file...

  1. Sign in to MYOB Practice.

  2. Click the Help button (?) in the left menu bar to display help and support options.

  3. Click Log a support call.

  4. Complete the Support request form, including the following information:

    • Your contact information, including your Partner Client ID.

    • The Client Serial Number.

    • Product: Online Partner/Connected Accounting

    • Primary Category: Account and subscription

    • Category: Other

    • Subject: Cancel company file subscription

    • Issue Description: Details of the subscriptions:

      • The names of the files to cancel.

      • If cancelling multiple files, the amount of files to cancel.

      • The reason for cancellation.

        If you've received an email from MYOB about additional file discounts ending, and you want to cancel a subscription for an AccountRight company file, refer to your email for details on which files are affected by the discount ending.

  5. Select I'm not a robot and click Next.

  6. On the Upload a file page, select No.

  7. Click Next and Finish in the message that appears.


What if I change my mind after cancelling a company file?


MYOB can recover a company file and reinstate a subscription within 60 days of it having been cancelled. Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

What other options do I have instead of cancelling?


Instead of cancelling a company file subscription, you can:

  • downgrade the file to a cheaper AccountRight product

    • Tick

      Note the AccountRight additional file discount applied to multiple AccountRight files for the same client is no longer available on new subscriptions.

    • Tick

      Depending on the product you're downgrading from and to, you may lose some features. For example, if you downgrade from AccountRight Premier to AccountRight Plus, you'll lose multiple stock locations and multicurrency features.

  • move your company file data to MYOB Business

  • continue to use your company file with the current subscription. You'll be billed the new subscription rate for all additional files at your next billing cycle.