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Sending documents from AE or AO by publishing to portal

This information only applies if you have both MYOB Practice and MYOB AE/AO. If you have MYOB Practice without AE/AO, see To share a document to a portal.

You can send documents to a client by publishing them to the client’s portal, straight from MYOB AE/AO. Your client can view, download and print the documents.

Publishing to a portal doesn't necessarily have to be done as part of creating a task. You may want to publish to a portal, for example, as a way of sending a standalone document to a client for approval.

Publishing a document to a portal from AE/AO will upload the document to MYOB Practice.

There are several ways you can publish to a portal, depending on what software you are using.

If you want to send a document that requires a digital signature, see Send documents for digital approval.

Accessing the shared documents

  • An email will be sent to each user you’ve published a document for, notifying them that you have shared documents with them in the portal.

  • You’ll see the document listed in the Documents page in MYOB Practice. You can tell that a document's been shared to the portal:

    • if it's got a shared () icon in the list of documents, or

    • by clicking a document in the list and looking in the document drawer.

  • In MYOB AO/AE, if you have Document Manager, you’ll see an icon next to the documents you have published in the Clients > Documents tab and the Versioning page of Document Manager. A published () icon appears if an earlier version of the same document has been published to the client portal. If you don’t have Document Manager, and you’re publishing documents from your Clients > Documents tab, there is no visual indicator to let you know which documents you have published to the portal.