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Personalising invoices

Templates are used to control what's displayed in the header across the top of your invoices, quotes and statements. This gives you a space to communicate your brand to your customers. Sales templates are also known as invoice forms.

For example, you can add a business logo and choose the business details you want to appear.

You can set up as many templates as you like, but if you have a favourite you can set it as the default template to use.

Payment details

Your accepted payment options are shown in the footer of your invoices, quotes and statements - find out how to set these up.

Before working with templates, it's a good idea to check that your business details and your customer address details are up to date—this information appears automatically on your invoices, quotes and statements.

OK, let's look at the details.

If you're accessing an AccountRight company file in a web browser, you can use your existing AccountRight desktop templates when emailing or printing transactions. If you need to edit these templates you can do that in your AccountRight software.