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Setting up unpaid invoice summaries

Get money in your pocket faster by automatically emailing your customers a list of unpaid invoices each month. This a great way to gently remind your customers to pay you. Another great way is to set up automatic reminder emails for individual invoices.

How it works

Once you've switched on unpaid invoice summaries, you'll be emailed a summary notification on the 28th of each month, and your customers will be emailed a list of their unpaid invoices on the 3rd of every month. You can choose to send this list to all of your customers or selected ones.

Unpaid invoice summaries are sent for all open recorded invoices

This includes invoices you haven't yet printed or emailed. If you want to prevent a customer getting an unpaid invoice summary before they receive an invoice, you can easily turn off unpaid invoice summaries as explained below.

We'll show you how to set up unpaid invoice summaries for all or selected customers. Also find out what unpaid invoice summaries look to your customers.