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Receiving eInvoices

When you receive an eInvoice from a supplier, it appears in the In tray in MYOB Business (or when you access an AccountRight company file in a web browser).

From there, you can decide whether to create a bill from the invoice, download it, or reject it.

How the In tray works for eInvoices

When you create a bill from an eInvoice, the In tray reads the information from the eInvoice data, rather than from any attached documents, to auto-populate the bill. This is different from the way the In tray works when you create transactions from other sources, where information in the attached document is used to auto-populate the transaction. For eInvoices, attachments are just supporting document for your records.

So even if the supplier doesn't provide an attached document, you can still create a bill from the eInvoice.

You should not link an eInvoice document to an existing transaction.

Before you begin

To track the freight component of an eInvoice, we recommend that you set up the Freight field.

To set up the Freight field for bills, go to the Accounting menu > Manage linked accounts > Purchases tab and choose a linked account for freight costs:

For more information, see Entering freight costs in MYOB Business.

Once you've chosen the freight linked account, the Freight field in the bill will be automatically populated from the eInvoice data.