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Customer discounts

Who doesn't like a discount?

What your discounts are and how you keep track of them is up to you. But here's how you can apply customer discounts in MYOB.

Ways you can use discounts

You can use discounts in a variety of ways to build and nurture relationships with your customers and achieve your business goals. For example you can create pay-on-time, discounts to help with your cashflow, wholesale discounts or "mate's rates" discounts for valued customers payment, or discounts related to sales drives.

You can apply discounts when you receive a payment on a customer's invoice, or when you create the invoice.

To be able to record discounts for your customers, you'll need to set an account in MYOB for tracking those discounts.

Applying discounts to invoice payments

You can apply a discount when taking a payment (Sales menu > Create invoice payment), such as a "pay on time" discount. By entering a Discount ($) amount, the Discounted balance ($) will update automatically.

Discount applied to payment

Applying discounts to invoices

Depending on your needs, there's a couple of ways to add a discount to an invoice.