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Getting started with MYOB for Excel

MYOB for Excel uses up-to-date data straight from your MYOB business so you can export data directly to Excel. Now, the data you need to run reports is readily available and easy to access. And the best part? MYOB for Excel is part of your MYOB subscription.

Setting up MYOB for Excel

To get started, you need to download MYOB for Excel.

Here's how:

  1. Open a blank workbook in Excel.

  2. Click the Insert tab, then click Get Add-ins. The Office Add-ins page will appear.

  3. Enter MYOB for Excel in the search field.

  4. Click Add, then Continue to complete the download.

  5. Close Excel and reopen so the MYOB for Excel add-in appears on your task bar.

Once that's done, just use your MYOB log in details to gain access to your online company file data.

MYOB for Excel is also available via the Microsoft 365 App Store.

Using MYOB for Excel

Already have MYOB for Excel and ready to dive in? Let's do it.