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Printing account numbers on reports

Account numbers are not included on all account reports by default. This includes the Balance Sheet, P&L, accounts list and trial balance reports. To add account numbers, you need to add the Account No. column to the report (if available). 

To print account numbers on reports

  1. Open the report.

  2. Click the Insert/Modify tab.

    insert modify tab highlighted
  3. Click Show/Hide (in the Report Columns section of the ribbon). A list of available columns appears.

    show hide button highlighted
  4. Select the Account No. column and then click Show.

    Account number field and show button highlighted
  5. Click OK.

  6. Click the Print Preview tab to save the changes as printable.

Save your changes

Once you've added account numbers to your report, click the Save  icon at the top of the page and give the report a name.

To run the report later, select it from the My Custom Reports tab in the Index to Reports window.

My Custom Reports tab


Why don't the account numbers show when printing or exporting my report?


After adding the account numbers to your report as described above, click the Print Preview tab. This ensures the account numbers will show when exporting your report.