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Send remittance advices

When you pay a supplier bill, let your supplier know you’ve paid it with a remittance advice. This saves you from being hassled by suppliers about payments you’ve already put through.

If you send a remittance advice from MYOB, there’s no need to send it through your email software, you can do it right off the bill payment. The email subject and message are prefilled, saving you having to key them in (you can change them if you want).

If you do want to send a remittance advice from your email software as an attachment, or you just want to keep a copy of the remittance advice for your records, you can download it as a PDF.

Send the remittance at the time you record the supplier payment. Or, you can download or email remittance advices later, in a batch. 

In order to email a remittance advice to a supplier, ensure that there is an email address in the Remittance advice email field of the supplier. See Editing supplier details.