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Opening a file in a newer version of AccountRight

Are you trying to open a company file from AccountRight v19 (or earlier)? You'll need to upgrade it first.

If you have multiple versions of AccountRight installed on your computer, or AccountRight has recently been updated, you might be prompted to upgrade your company file when you open it (or restore a backup file) in the latest version. For example, if you were previously using an older version of AccountRight, when you open your company file you might see a message asking whether or not you'd like to upgrade your file to work with the new version:

2023.8 upgrade prompt

Click Yes, upgrade to... to upgrade your file.

If you work online, you must keep AccountRight up to date

If your file is online, you must keep AccountRight up to date in order to keep working. Older versions of AccountRight are not supported online.

If your file is online, you must be using the latest version. See Why do I need to update AccountRight?

Why you might hold off from upgrading

Although you should keep AccountRight current, there are some reasons why you might not want to upgrade your file just yet, like:

  • You're an accountant, and a client has given you their file for you to review, and they haven’t installed the latest version yet.

  • You use an add-on that doesn’t work with the new version of AccountRight. Check with the add-on vendor if you're not sure.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, hold off upgrading the file for now, click No or Cancel in the upgrade message and open it using the AccountRight version that it was last upgraded to. If needed, you can download older versions from

Otherwise click Yes in the upgrade message and AccountRight will do the rest to upgrade your file. The upgrade will usually take a few minutes.

The version number of the file is updated after the upgrade is complete.

Need a helping hand?

Try our Installation troubleshooting guide, or contact us and we'll be happy to help.