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AccountRight MSI installation instructions

This type of installation should only be completed by an IT professional or someone with a thorough knowledge of your installation requirements.

Use the AccountRight MSI installer if you're deploying AccountRight using a group policy.

The MSI installer can be downloaded from

Working in a terminal server environment or using roaming profiles? Instead of the MSI installer, you should install the AccountRight Server Edition on the server, and the AccountRight PC Edition on each machine accessing the server. For all the details see Set up a network.

How this affects future AccountRight updates

If AccountRight is installed via an MSI installation file:

  • All future AccountRight updates will need to be installed using an MSI installation file as described below.

  • AccountRight will not display alerts for future updates.

Windows compatibility

The AccountRight MSI installer can be run on:

  • Windows 8.1 (or later)

  • Windows Server 2012 (or later)


The following software must be installed before running the AccountRight MSI installer:

If you need the AccountRight add‐on connector to extend the capabilities of AccountRight, download it from

Using Windows Server 2012?

If the Remote Desktop Session Host is enabled, by default Windows Installer RDS Compatibility is enabled. However, this will cause the MSI installation to fail. You'll need to disable Windows Installer RDS Compatibility.

Installing AccountRight using the MSI installer