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Access an AccountRight company file in a web browser

Online company files only

If your AccountRight company file is online, you can now access that file using a web browser (if it's not online, find out how to put it there). This means you can work on files using any device with an internet browser, like your computer (PC or Mac), tablet – or a smartphone!

Send an invoice on site, match bank transactions on the train, check your business performance in the coffee queue – browser access for AccountRight gives you new levels of flexibility.

Choose which experience you prefer and switch between them with ease, whether you prefer working from home, in the office, or on the move.

MYOB browser on a smartphone

How to access an AccountRight file in a browser

In the latest version of AccountRight, you can go from your software to the browser with the click of a button.

Different look, same data

When you access an AccountRight company file in a browser, you'll notice that some things are familiar and others are a little different.

The first thing you'll notice is the dashboard. This provides you with a simple, easy-to-read snapshot of how your business is going.

Across the top of the screen there are various menus corresponding to the command centres in AccountRight.

Menu options in the browser

Looking for employees? Go to the Payroll menu > Employees.

Even though some things are different, you're working on exactly the same information that's in your AccountRight software. You can switch between the browser and your software and your information is kept up to date.

Take the time to click menus and view pages and explore the various functions to see what's familiar and what's different.

Note that some features are still on the way.

Need help?

At the top right of any page, click the question mark ( ) to open the help panel.

You'll see info relating to the page you're on, without having to leave your software. Depending on the page, you might also see some frequently asked questions or links to more detailed help topics.

Getting help in the MYOB browser

Some features are still on the way

There are a few features we're still working on so they're not yet available when using AccountRight in a web browser.