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Updating an AccountRight network

Once you update to the latest version of AccountRight Server Edition (2022.4 or later), you won't have to manually update your network every time there's a new AccountRight release. So that's less hassle for you and less downtime for your business. You also get better value, with more frequent improvements to AccountRight.

If you need to deploy AccountRight using a group policy, see AccountRight MSI installation instructions.

Do you use AE or AO with Client Accounting to access AccountRight company files on a server?

The tasks below are not for you. Instead, contact our support team for help.

You'll need to do a number of one-off steps, such as install a new version of AccountRight Server Edition on your server and ensure that AccountRight PC Edition is installed on your workstations.

Once you've completed these steps, all AccountRight updates will be delivered to your network automatically.

We recommend taking a back up of your company file(s) before doing these steps.

To set up automatic updates

If you're using AccountRight Server Edition 2022.3 or earlier on your server, here's how to get the latest version. Once you're up to date, all future updates will happen automatically.

These steps can only be completed by someone with Admin access to the server.

Prevent firewall blocking auto updates

To prevent your firewall blocking access to the auto updates site, whitelist this URL in your firewall settings:


Had a problem with AccountRight Server Edition?

If you see either of the following messages when installing AccountRight Server Edition:

Problem installing Server Edition message
Server Edition Installation Failed message

Try the following:

  1. Make sure you've uninstalled all previous AccountRight Server Edition versions — see 'Uninstall all previous versions of AccountRight Server Edition' above for the steps.

  2. Make sure you have installed all available Windows Updates — click the Windows Start button, type 'updates' and click Check for updates.

  3. Try installing AccountRight Server Edition again.

During the installation of AccountRight Server Edition the installer will create Windows Services, Windows Firewall rules and Windows shares. If you need to check any of these details, see AccountRight Server Edition Technical Notes.

Had a problem with AccountRight PC Edition?

If you experienced a problem with installing AccountRight PC Edition or with receiving automatic updates, see Installation troubleshooting.

Still having trouble?

Contact our Support Team for help.