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AccountRight takes care of the accounting and reporting requirements of most businesses. But you can easily extend and build on AccountRight with custom add-on apps tailored to your business or industry.

Add-ons seamlessly connect to AccountRight so you can do things like:

  • forecasting, and what-if analysis

  • integrate with POS systems

  • get access to your info from other apps

  • set up an online store.

The AccountRight Server Edition connects to add-ons via the MYOB API, and the AccountRight PC Edition connects via the MYOB Add-On Connector.


To see the range of add-ons available, visit the Add-on Centre (Australia New Zealand).


What is the MYOB Add-On Connector?


The MYOB Add-On Connector is installed with AccountRight to connect to 3rd party applications designed to enhance, or "add-on" to, AccountRight.

Add-ons can only connect to AccountRight if the MYOB Add-On Connector is running on your computer.

How do I turn on the MYOB Add-On Connector?


You only need to complete these steps once—the next time you start your computer the MYOB Add-On Connector will start automatically.

  1. Click the Windows Start button and click MYOB.

  2. Click MYOB Add-On Connector.

    Start add-on connector

  3. Select the option Run Add-on Connector at startup.

  4. Click Save and close.

How do I install or reinstall the MYOB Add-On Connector?


AccountRight PC Edition

The MYOB Add-On Connector installs automatically when AccountRight is installed. To reinstall the Add-On Connector, reinstall AccountRight.

AccountRight Server Edition

The Add-On Connector (sometimes called the AccountRight API), can be installed during or after the AccountRight installation. After installing AccountRight, you can install the AccountRight API by going to Start > All Programs > MYOB AccountRight 20xx.x SE > Tools > Install AccountRight API

You can uninstall the AccountRight API via Control Panel > Programs and Features.

How can I test if the MYOB Add-On Connector is working?


Open a web browser and enter http://localhost:8080/AccountRight/ into the address bar. Details of your local AccountRight company files should be displayed, meaning the Add-On Connector is working fine.

If this information doesn't display, the page times out, or you get an error, it means the Add-On Connector isn't working properly and should be reinstalled.

How do I turn off the Add-On Connector?


You can turn off the Add-On Connector permanently or close it just for this session.

  • to turn it off permanently, right-clicking on the Add-On Connector icon in the Windows System tray, select About MYOB Add-On Connector and deselect the Run Add-On Connector at Start up option.

    turn-off add-on connector

  • to close it for this session, right-clicking on the Add-On Connector icon in the Windows System tray, and select Exit MYOB Add-On Connector. Note that the Add-On Connector will restart when you restart your computer.

    turn-off add-on connector 1

How do I resolve an error status with the MYOB Add-On Connector?


A red cross displaying on the Add-On Connector icon in your computer's system tray means there's an error status.


There are 3 possible causes:

  • Another Windows user is still logged into your computer

  • A previous version of the AccountRight API is still installed

  • Another program on your computer is using the port required by the Add-On Connector

Download this support document for help with each of these.

Need to change the port used by the Add-On Connector?  You'll probably need help from an IT person, but see this blog from the MYOBapi Team for information on how to do it.