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Bonus and commission payments

There are two ways you can pay a bonus or commission:

  • include the payment in the employee's regular pay, or

  • process the payment separately.

Either way, you'll need to set up the bonus or commission payment and assign it to the applicable employees. You can then process the payment in a pay run.

Setting up a bonus or commission

You can create an earning for bonus or commission payments so you can include those payments in an employee's pay. If an employee requires more than one type of bonus or commission, you can create additional earnings.

If the bonus or commission will be the same amount each pay, you can set this amount. You can also set different amounts per employee, or enter the bonus or commission amount when you do a pay run.

Once you're set up, you can pay the bonus or commission.

Paying the bonus or commission

Once you've set up the bonus or commission, you can include it in an employee's regular pay, or you can run a separate pay for it to make it clear what you're paying.