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Getting started with MYOB Team

MYOB Team is a fast, simple and powerful self-service app for managing your teams in multiple locations.

As an employer, you'll use the MYOB Team admin portal using a web browser (on any device) to manage your employees and their timesheets and oversee multiple locations. You can also use the MYOB Team mobile app to manage and approve your employees' timesheets.

Your hourly based employees will use the MYOB Team mobile app to submit their timesheets. Once they're approved, the timesheets are sent straight into your MYOB business, ready for the next pay run. No more third-party plug-ins or apps.

And the best part is MYOB Team is included as part of your MYOB subscription.

Hey employees! If you've been invited to use MYOB Team on your phone, your help is here.

Let's get started

You'll start the setup process by checking a few things in MYOB, then complete the setup in the MYOB Team admin portal.

Check that MYOB Team is right for you.

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    You can only set up MYOB Team if you're the administrator or owner of the business. See user access for more information.

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    Only employees with an Hourly rate pay basis can use MYOB Team to submit their hours

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    Employee hours submitted via MYOB Team will appear in MYOB against the Ordinary hours pay item

See how to set up MYOB Team:

What's next?

Once you're set up and you've invited your employees, find out about: