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Getting started with MYOB Team

MYOB Team is a fast, simple and powerful self-service app for managing your teams in multiple locations.

As an employer, you'll use the MYOB Team admin portal using a web browser (on any device) to manage your employees and their timesheets and oversee multiple locations. You can also use the MYOB Team mobile app to manage and approve your employees' timesheets.

Your hourly based employees will use the MYOB Team mobile app to submit their timesheets. Once they're approved, the timesheets are sent straight into your MYOB business, ready for the next pay run. No more third-party plug-ins or apps.

And the best part is MYOB Team is included as part of your MYOB subscription.

Hey employees! If you've been invited to use MYOB Team on your phone, your help is here.

Let's get started

You'll start the setup process by checking a few things in MYOB, then complete the setup in the MYOB Team admin portal.

Check that MYOB Team is right for you.

  • Tick

    You can only set up MYOB Team if you're the administrator or owner of the business. See user access for more information.

  • Tick

    Only employees with an Hourly rate pay basis can use MYOB Team to submit their hours

  • Tick

    Employee hours submitted via MYOB Team will appear in MYOB against the Ordinary hours pay item

See how to set up MYOB Team:

1. Check your company file setup


Open your MYOB business and complete these tasks.

Check your business contact details

Your business contact details must be up to date to ensure MYOB Team can be set up successfully.

  1. Click the settings menu (⚙️) and choose Business settings.

  2. Ensure you've entered valid details for the following:

    • Address

    • Email

    • Phone

    Example business contact details

  3. Click Save.

Check your employees' email addresses and pay details

Employees who will use MYOB Team need a valid email address recorded in MYOB. Also, make sure their pay basis is set to hourly and their standard pay contains no hours.

Here's what to do:

  1. Go to the Payroll menu and choose Employees.

  2. Click the name of an employee that will use MYOB Team. The employee's details will appear.

  3. On the Personal tab, make sure to enter a valid email address. This will be the same email address the employee must use to sign in to the MYOB Team app.

    Example employee with email address highlighted

  4. On the Standard pay tab, make sure the Pay basis is set to Hourly rate. Salary based employee's can't submit timesheets using MYOB Team.

    Example employee with hourly pay basis highlighted

  5. Click Save.

  6. Repeat from step 2 for all employees that will be using MYOB Team.

2. Add your employees


You can now open the MYOB Team admin portal to finish the setup.

Let's start by adding your employees to the MYOB Team admin portal. You'll then invite your employees to use MYOB Team in task 5 below.

If you add an employee to your MYOB Business after setting up MYOB Team, you'll need to repeat the steps below to also add the employee into the MYOB Team admin portal.

  1. Go to the Payroll menu > MYOB Team.

  2. If prompted, sign in to your MYOB account. The MYOB Team admin portal opens on the My businesses page, showing all of your online company files.

    Example list of businesses in MYOB Business

  3. Click the company file that you want to set up MYOB Team for.

  4. If a message appears requesting MYOB Team to access your company file, click Allow access. You can now start adding your employees to MYOB Team.

  5. Click the Employees tab.

  6. Click Add employee. A list of employees in the company file appears. If you need to add any new employees to your MYOB business, see Adding an employee - NZ.

  7. Select the employees you want to add to MYOB Team.

    Can't select an employee?

    If an employee you'd like to add can't be selected (their name is greyed out), you need to go to the employee's record in MYOB and enter a valid email address for the employee. See the setup tasks above for more details.

  8. Click Add employees.

You can now set up your business locations - see the next task for details.

3. Set up business locations


Locations are your business's physical workplaces, departments or teams of employees.

  1. In the MYOB Team admin portal, click the Locations tab.

  2. Click Create location. The Create location page appears.

    Example location

  3. Enter the location name and address.

    Default time capture type

    The Time capture type will be set to Timesheets. This allows your employees use the MYOB Team mobile app to record their time at the end of the day or week.

  4. Click Save.

You can now add approving managers to each location - see the next tasks for details.

4. Add approving managers


An approving manager is someone who can approve and edit timesheets. This might be an employee, like a manager or team leader, or perhaps the business owner, a bookkeeper or payroll officer.

You'll need to assign an approving manager to each of the business locations you set up in the previous task. This will be the person you want to approve timesheets for the employees in that location.

When you add an approving manager, they'll be sent an invitation to use MYOB Team.

You may need to set up the approving manager as an employee

If you'd like to add an approving manager who is not currently an employee, like the business owner, a bookkeeper, or payroll officer, you'll need to set them up as an employee in MYOB Business (go to the Create menu > Employee).

Just create a new employee record for them and enter these details:

On the Personal tab:

  • First name

  • Surname or family name

  • Email address

On the Employment tab:

  • Start date

  • Employment status

  • KiwiSaver status (if you're not actually paying this person as an employee, you can set this to Opted out)

If you don't want this person to appear in your pay runs, enter a Termination date (any date earlier than today) on the Employment tab.

if you don't have, or don't want to use, an existing employee, you can set up a dummy approving manager employee in MYOB Business. Just call them Approving Manager:

Setting up an Approving manager in MYOB Business NZ

You can then add them as an employee in the MYOB Team admin portal as described in task 2 above, then add them as an approving manager to a location.

To add an approving manager:

  1. In the MYOB Team admin portal, click the Locations tab.

  2. Click the location the approving manager is responsible for.

  3. From the Select an approving manager list, choose an employee.

  4. Click Add and invite. The employee is listed as an approving manager and will be sent an invitation to download the MYOB Team mobile app.

  5. If you want to:

    • add another approving manager for the current location, repeat from step 3

    • add approving managers to other locations, repeat from step 2.

You can now add and invite employees to a location - see the next task for details.

5. Add and invite employees to a location


You can now assign employees to one or more locations. This also sends an invitation to those employees to use MYOB Team.

  1. In the MYOB Team admin portal, click the Locations tab.

  2. Click the location you want to add employees to.

  3. Click the approving manager who will approve timesheets for that location.

  4. From the Select employee list, choose an employee to assign to the approving manager.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Repeat from step 4 for all employees you want to assign.

  7. Click Add and invite. The selected employees will be sent an email with a link to download the MYOB Team mobile app.

  8. If an employee works in multiple locations, repeat these steps to add them to each location.

Accepting the invitation

Once employees download the mobile app, they'll need to create an MYOB account prior to signing in (unless they already have one). They'll do this by clicking Create an account on the sign in screen, then follow the prompts. When creating their account, employees must use the same email address as the one saved in their employee record in MYOB (where their invitation was sent).

MYOB Team app sign in screen

What's next?

Once you're set up and you've invited your employees, find out about: