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Enter an employee's pay history

If you've paid an employee prior to setting up payroll in MYOB, use the Pay history tab in the employee's record to enter their gross earnings for the previous 52 weeks. This information is used to calculate payments for holidays and leave.

When entering pay history, enter a separate row for each pay period the employee was paid in the previous 52 weeks.

Which payments are included in gross earnings?

The gross earnings in an employee's pay history is used for leave calculations, so it's different from the gross earnings on their pay slips. To clarify what should (and shouldn't) be included in an employee's gross earnings in their pay history, check the Employment New Zealand website.

To enter an employee's pay history

  1. Go to the Payroll menu > Employees.

  2. Click an employee's name to open their record.

  3. Click the Pay history tab.

  4. Choose a Period end date and enter the applicable amounts for that period:

    • Days paid—enter the number of whole and part days where the employee earned gross earnings in the period. For example, if an employee works half a day on a Tuesday, half a day on a Wednesday, and takes Thursday as paid sick leave, this would be paid as 3 days.

    • Gross earnings—enter the gross earning for the specified pay period. Only include payments that are used for calculating holidays and leave. For help working out what's included in an employee's gross earnings for leave calculations, check the Employment New Zealand website.

      If you're paying leave in the first 4 weeks of using MYOB, and the gross earnings you've entered via pay history includes non-regular payments, you may need to adjust the gross earnings when paying the leave.

  5. Repeat for each pay period you paid the employee in the previous 52 weeks.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat from step 2 to enter pay history for other employees.

Opening leave balances

If an employee has any leave that they've accrued from before you started using MYOB, enter this on their Leave tab. For more details, see Adding an employee - NZ.

Looking for more payroll info?

Try one of the payroll reports (Reporting menu > Reports > Payroll tab). If you're looking for pay slips, go to Payroll > Pay runs > click the pay run. Tell me more about Viewing pay runs and pay slips.