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Customising inventory

You can customise items using the following options:

  • Custom price levels (Not Basics) You can set up to six price levels for an item and then assign one of these levels to a particular customer. You could, for example, have one price level for casual customers, another for irregular customers, another for regular small-spend customers, another for regular high-spend customers and so on. You can also specify up to five price breaks for each price level. You can then charge, say, all your regular customers increasingly lower prices if they purchase larger and larger quantities of the item. See Custom price levels

  • Custom fields Use custom fields to record additional item information, such as Warranty, Serial Number and Voltage. Use these fields for information that you don’t need to use as report filters. See Custom item fields

  • Custom lists Create custom lists of attributes that you can apply to your items and then filter and group your inventory items by. For example, if you are running a trailer-rental business, you might have custom lists of Colour and Type. By assigning the custom list entries to your items, you could then run a report to include only trailers of a certain colour or type. See Custom item lists

  • Item pictures You can display a picture of an inventory item by importing a picture file. The picture appears in the Item Details tab of the Item Information window. See Item pictures