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Creating items

If you sell stock or services, you can add these as items in MYOB. This speeds up your invoice entry by being able to select an item, instead of manually typing its description each time you sell it. You can also track the quantities of the item you have on hand.

Do you have lots of items to create? Speed things up by importing them. You can also update or duplicate existing items to use the new inventory features – see Updating items to use stock tracking.

You can add items from the Items page (via the Inventory menu). You can also create items as you’re creating invoices and bills. For more information see To create an invoice and To create a bill.

Consider how you will name or number your items so that similar items are grouped together.

To create an item you need to add its details to MYOB. This includes the item's name, description, buying and selling prices and choose the accounts to track purchases, sales and stock levels. You can also create a new item by duplicating an existing one.

Creating inventoried items affects your inventory limit

If you're using the included inventory in MYOB Business and you create a new item with the I track stock for this item field selected, this counts towards your included inventoried item limit of 10 items. If you're at 10 inventoried items and you create another one, you won't be able to select I track stock for this item.

To be able to track stock for the item, you can either:

  • select Inactive item in one of your other inventoried items, then go back to your new item and select I track stock for this item

  • add Premium Inventory to your subscription so you can create more than 10 inventoried items. For information on how to upgrade, see Add Premium Inventory.

Need to change an item? See: