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Importing items

You can import items into MYOB instead of entering them one item at a time. This is handy if you have a list of items you've exported from another program or if they're saved in a spreadsheet.

For the easiest import, we recommend using a sample file. It works like a template and ensures the required information is entered in a format that's accepted by MYOB.

We've provided a sample file below which contains all available fields needed for importing items. All you need to do is download the file, open it in a spreadsheet program like Excel, add your item information, then import it into MYOB.

Follow the import items steps in MYOB Business

Instead of following the steps below to download a sample file, you can open MYOB Business and follow the import items steps there if you prefer.

Go to the Items page in MYOB Business, click Import items and then follow the onscreen steps. After importing your items, you'll see a message on Import and export items page detailing what items were imported, imported with errors or skipped.

Already prepared an import file? Jump straight to task 2 to learn how to import it.

Let's step you through it.

You can only import inventoried items if you are using Premium Inventory. Find out how to add Premium Inventory.

How the import fields work

The fields in the import file correspond to fields and options in items in MYOB Business. Some of these fields are mandatory – they must be included in the import file and be in the correct format or the item import won't work. Refer to the following for detailed information on import item fields.