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Importing an accounts list from MYOB Accountants Office

When you create a company file, you can choose to import an accounts list from a file provided by your accountant (see Create a company file). If the file was created by MYOB Accountants Office—with a .txt extension—follow this procedure to import the accounts list. (Ask your accountant for a new file if it doesn't have a .txt extension.)

Once you've imported an accounts list from MYOB Accountants Office, you can import journal transactions from your accountant. For more information, see Enter end-of-year adjustments.

Importing an accounts list from somewhere else?

If you need to import an accounts list which hasn't come from MYOB Accountants Office, use an import template. Simply export an existing accounts list from AccountRight (perhaps from Clearwater, the sample company file), update the export file in Excel to add your accounts list info, then import this into your company file.

Learn more about using an import template.

To import the accounts list provided by your accountant

  1. Go to File AccountantLink Receive from Accountant List of Accounts. A message appears, informing you that the account levels might be reset.

  2. Click Yes if you want to continue the import.

  3. Select the file containing the accounts list sent by your accountant. The default name of the file is MYOB_SET.txt. However, your accountant may have renamed the file.

  4. Click Open to open the file and begin the import process.
    The accounts are imported and a message is displayed, giving you the results of the import. If you get a warning or an error message indicating that the import wasn't successful, refer to the import log file for a list of errors or warnings (the location of the import log file is shown in the message).