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Check spelling

When entering transactions or item information, you can check your spelling in most text fields, including memos, descriptions, addresses and item names.

You can set AccountRight to automatically check spelling for you, otherwise you can manually check spelling as you enter transactions or item information by clicking Spell.


When you check the spelling in a field, the Spelling window appears with a number of options and fields:



Not in Dictionary

This field displays the word that's been identified as misspelled.

Change to

You can type the correct word in this field or click on a suggested word.


This field displays a list of suggested replacement words. To replace the misspelled word, select a word in the list and then click Change.


Click to skip the word.

Ignore All

Click to skip every instance of the word in the field being checked.


Click to add the word to the selected dictionary. You might use this function if a correctly spelled word you use often is reported as a misspelling – like a customer or supplier name.

Can't add words to the dictionary? See the FAQs below.


Click to replace the word with a suggested word.

Change All

Click to replace every instance of the word in this field with a suggested word.


Stops the current spelling check and closes the Spelling window.

Undo Last

Click to undo the last change you made.


Click to open the Spelling Options window, where you can customise your spell check options.

You can customise your spelling preferences in the Spelling Options window (see below). For example, you can change the main dictionary language and choose a preference to ignore words that include numbers.

Experiencing an issue with spell-check? Check the FAQs below.