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Error: "PurchaseEventLine_ItemTotalAmountUnBalance"

Our development team is looking into errors like this.



Similar errors include:





Errors like this seem to be an issue with the way AccountRight is rounding the values in a transaction. Until it's fixed, we have a couple of workarounds that should solve the issue.



Start by selecting then deselecting the Tax inclusive/GST Inclusive option. If it was already selected, deselect it then select it again. This forces AccountRight to recalculate the total price for each line in your transaction.

Tax Inclusive

If this doesn't fix the error, change the Total amount for each transaction line by 1 cent, then change them back to the original values.

Changing the Total column by 1 cent

If you're still getting the error after this, check the Price of each transaction line. If a Price has more than two decimal places, change it to a two-decimal figure. In the example above, this would mean changing $12.973333 to $12.97.

Still getting the error?

Contact us and we'll be happy to take a look.