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Collecting error information for MYOB Support

If you've received an email from MYOB Support requesting information about an error you're experiencing, here's how to get it.

Take a screenshot of your error

  1. Press the Windows key + Shift S.

  2. Click and drag your mouse to capture the error.

  3. Release the mouse button to copy the screenshot to Windows clipboard.

  4. Open a graphics application, such as Microsoft Paint (go to the Start menu > enter Paint) or Microsoft Word.

  5. Press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot into the graphics application.

  6. Save the screenshot as a graphics file (such as .PNG) on your desktop.

(AccountRight) Get a diagnostic log

  1. Press the Windows key + to open Run.

  2. Enter %localappdata% in the Open field.

    Run window with %localappdata% in the Open field

  3. Click OK to open the AppData > Local folder.

  4. Open the MYOB folder.

  5. Open the AccountRight folder.

  6. Open the Current folder or, if you're using a version older than AccountRight 2021.1 (PC Edition), the folder with the version number that you're using.

  7. Open the Diagnostics folder. The folder should look a bit like this:

    Example Diagnostics folder

  8. Find the most recent diagnostic log (check the Date modified column).

  9. Right-click the log, copy it and save it to your desktop.

(MYOB Business) Download an error log from Chrome

  1. Open MYOB Business in Chrome.

  2. Right-click on the browser and choose Inspect:

    Inspect option highlighted

  3. Click the Console tab.

  4. Click the Clear Console icon:

    Clear console icon highlighted

  5. Repeat the steps in MYOB that produced the error — the error will appear in the Console in red:

    Example error

  6. Right-click the error log and save it to your desktop.

Send the information back to MYOB Support

Reply to the email you received from MYOB Support, attaching any screenshots or error logs.