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Group columns in the Cards List

Want to know how to choose columns to add to or remove from the Card List? See Customise the Cards List.

Want to know how to choose columns to add to or remove from the Card List? See Customise the Cards List.

If you want to slice and dice your cards list, use the Cards List’s grouping features.

Grouping enables you to view your cards list by card type, city, postcode, country, next contact date, identifier - in fact, you can group your cards by any column that’s available in the Cards List.

When you combine grouping with other features in the Card List window, such as the customise columns feature, you're able to view highly specific groups of records.

For example, you can group your cards by:

  • Country, State or Postcode to see your customers grouped by location.

    Group by state

  • Last Contact or Next Contact to see who you need to get in touch with, based on when you last spoke to the contact, or your next contact date. The dates are sourced from your contact log entries.

    Group by last contact

Note that while you can group your cards by any column, some columns won't be appropriate for this purpose.

Grouping basics


Click the Group button to show or hide the group panel.

The Group button is only available in AccountRight 2016.3. If you're using an earlier version, right-click a column header and choose Show Group By Box.

Now you can drag one or more column headers into the panel to organise your list of cards into expandable and collapsible groups.

You can drag a header from a column that's already been added to the Cards List window, or straight from the list that appears when you click Customise.

When you change the grouping order, the Cards List will update automatically:

Group columns

To remove a column header from the group, drag it back into the list, or right-click the header and choose UnGroup.

Grouping tips

  • Expand/Collapse: A quick way to expand or collapse all groups is to right-click in the group panel and choose Full Expand or Full Collapse.

    Group expand collapse

  • Sort groups: Click the arrow icon on a column header in the group panel to change the sorting order.

  • Smart date formatting: After dragging a date-type header into the group panel, right click the column header box and choose a group interval: DayMonthYear or Smart. Choose Smart to show groups labelled “Yesterday”, “Today”, and “Tomorrow” instead of the actual date.

    Group intervals

  • Hide the grouping panel: You can hide the grouping panel, but keep the group formatting. Either click the Group button or right-click anywhere in the group panel and choose Hide Group By Box.

  • Stop grouping: Your grouping selections will be remembered even when you close AccountRight. When you no longer need to group your list, right-click anywhere in the group panel and choose Clear Grouping.