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Personalised letters

If you have Microsoft Word or another word processing program on your computer, you can create personalised letters (also known as mail-merge letters) for any of your contacts. The letter templates that come with AccountRight are Microsoft Word templates (.dot files) which contain standard text and fields that will be automatically filled with data from your company file (like names and addresses).

Personalised letters are useful when you need to send the same letter to several contacts. For example, you may want to send several slow-paying customers a payment reminder letter (or let AccountRight send automatic invoice reminders). Instead of entering each contact’s information on the letters yourself, you can set up a letter template that contains the text you want to appear, and insert data fields that automatically fill in the contact’s name, address and the amount owing.

Generating personalised letters

Here's how to generate a personalised letter from AccountRight. If you'd like to change the text in a letter template, or add your own personal touch, learn how to edit the letter templates.

Editing personalised letter templates

You can edit the default letter templates by opening them in Microsoft Word and making your changes. For example you can add a personal touch by including your business logo or changing the font styles, sizes and colours.

If you've used Word before, this'll be easy. Otherwise, see the Microsoft Word help for assistance.

  Personalised letter FAQs